Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone on this earth is unique. We all have different gifts. When you compare yourself to others, it makes you feel bad about yourself. When you compare yourself to others for what they have, whether it is a car, a house, a mate, children, money, good height, a good physique or intelligence, or a job, it makes you feel low self esteem, lose your confidence, and perhaps depressed, envious or jealous.

  • A way to stop comparing yourself to others is by focusing on your own strengths. Get to know yourself, and discover what your greatest gift is that you are meant to share with the world.
  • Another great way is by practicing gratitude. Be happy for what you have. Really be grateful about everything that you have; people in your life, job, relationships, material, etc. Gratitude keeps your heart open to love.
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  1. cjb321

    Nicely said. Thanks for the repost.

    December 21, 2014
    1. varuben


      December 21, 2014
  2. monicaspeaks

    December 21, 2014
    1. varuben


      December 22, 2014